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Conferences , Exhibitions and Events

To work in the field of organizing is not easy. We have organized several important conferences, exhibitions and workshops in Egypt in hotel halls or open courtyards.

We have implemented full works for conferences starting from building stage, units and internal signs, to facilitating and organizing the attendance of guests and implementing all printed materials including the agenda of conference, pamphlets, entry cards, gifts, video recording, montage, audio, translation, screens and final reports of events.

Preparation for printing in different wings of business at major exhibitions requires an efficient and quick teamwork for a high quality of printing.

We work around-the-clock during the preparation of the exhibition by skillful technicians in site and operations room including designers and executives of printing operations until opening time, which resulted in forming many experiences in dealing with the exceptional circumstances that occur at the time of implementation of the work.


We, at Rhythm Company, believe that creating a design is an achievement for every customer and our company helps to identify the clearest vision of the design.

Over years of experience in this field, we achieved the best vision to our clients by producing the best designs for various publications, products, and different services, such as prints of documentary cycle of companies and institutions (envelopes, correspondence sheets, personal cards, invitation cards, block notes, internal books, invoices, receipts and stamps. printed cartons of products and all types of paper bags.

Creativity and going deeper into such industry and commitment to the dates of delivery agreed upon are the reason for our success in this field.