About Us

Who We Are

We entered into the Egyptian business market more than fifteen years ago. For the remarkable and quick development of industry, we decided to rely on modern ideas and continuous development, whether for the teamwork, equipment, or machinery used in printing or the quality of the finished product and set criteria and standards for our quality which targets local or international business markets.

In 2012, we decided to take leaps towards organizing conferences and editions of exhibitions and take all actions related to design, organization and implementation, as well as working alongside most of leading companies in Egypt in the field of the manufacture of display stands, full fixed wings and mobile displays.

By a large group of our partners in success and teamwork of engineers, professionals and skilled technicians, we take a broad leap in terms of the number of executed works. This has provided extensive experience in managing and implementing the event, crisis management related to time waste and the development of sustainable and new strategies to handle all works before, during and after the event.

Our Vision

We are looking forward and working to be one of the best companies in Egypt so as to be able to reach the largest projects and provide our customers with the highest level of quality.

We are moving for the international expansion.

Our Mission

 We are here to make your job easier, whether you are an advertising agency, marketer, business development manager, procurement specialist or business owner. You have to be aware of the challenges of remaining at the top in the competition or convey an important message.

We aimed a friendly plan and free pieces of advice for your inquiries.

We aim mainly at achieving your communication with the public, which, in its return, helps to reach a maximum of providing the targeted audience with the trademark.

Our teamwork consists of highly skilled designers and professionals to plan and carry out exhibitions and high quality printed materials.

We create the ideas and experiences that help progressive brands thrive
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